Healthy Businesses

Healthy BusinessWith many adults spending a great deal of their waking hours at work, worksites and employers have a unique opportunity to foster environments that encourage, support, and promote wellness.

While we make our own choices about what we eat, our decisions and eating habits are influenced by what food is available, including at the worksite.  Onondaga County Health Department’s Creating Healthy Schools and Communities is  working with businesses, hospitals, municipalities, and community organizations to find innovative ways to provide healthier food options for their employees through their cafeterias, vending machines, meetings, conferences, events, and programs.

A culture of wellness at the workplace can benefit both employees and employers by lowering health care and worker compensation costs, increasing productivity and reduced absenteeism, enhancing recruitment and retention, developing happier and more productive employees, and improving organizational image.



Healthy Meeting Policy

Healthy Vending Machine Policy

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